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Work Instructions





Stored in one Central Location

Electronic instructions for each unique product stored on your server.

Automatically Distributed to All Workstations

Make changes/additions on the server and the most current instructions are automatically distributed to each workstation that needs them.

Capable of Coordinating Complex Operations

Includes the ability to systematically present instructions for several  steps at complex work stations

Present  Multiple Types of Media 

To most clearly convey the product manufacturing instructions, several types of media may be included in the instructions.

  • Pictures                             

  • Video     

  • PDF Files                           

  • Text

  • Engineering Drawings

Profit Improvement Opportunities

Reduce Manufacturing Time

Automatically displays the required instructions. Eliminates the need to search through cumbersome printed manuals.

Streamlines Revision Process

Work instruction changes are implemented on the central server and distributed to all workstations immediately, ensuring consistency across workstations and saving manpower.

Avoid Operator Errors

Reduce scrap and rework by clearing identifying details that separate similar products.

Minimize Training Costs

New operator training time is minimized since detailed work instructions are presented for each unique product.

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