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35 Years Experience Developing Control and Information Systems

Innovar leans on its broad engineering experience to offer expert know-how in the Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Revolution. Our company began in the 1980’s as a control systems integrator and quickly began offering real-time information systems to enhance its services. With 35 years of experience and over 2000 projects in its portfolio, Innovar has successfully deployed systems in nearly every manufacturing industry including automotive, aerospace, food, medical, metals, pharmaceutical and switchgear.


Extensive MES Design and Implementation Experience

Capturing, organizing and delivering data has always been a part of our DNA. Innovar is trusted by manufacturers around the globe to deliver real-time information and control systems. Over the years, Innovar has built many full-featured MES solutions for small and large manufacturers alike. Our systems not only control the process, they also provide the information needed to improve it. Using our experience and ingenuity, we have become process experts in a number of industries. Our engineering team is excellent at dissecting and analyzing processes to build systems that exceed the expectations of our customers.

Leveraging our Strengths and Experience

Our years of experience delivering large industrial control systems and enterprise level MES solutions  gave us the ability to create our Out of the Box, User Configurable, Scalable Enforcer® Smart Manufacturing Software.


Contact Innovar to discuss how our Enforcer® Smart Manufacturing Software can provide a world class continuous improvement platform to make you a leader in the Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing revolution.

Enforcer® Smart Manufacturing
Test Equipment
Enforcer Smart Manufacturing Test Equipment
Enforcer® Smart Manufacturing
Enforcer Smart Manufacturing Software
Enforcer® Smart Manufacturing
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Some of our customers include:

Eaton - an Innovar Customer
Goodyear - an Innovar Customer
Siemens - an Innovar Customer
Hydro - an Innovar Customer
Schneider - an Innovar Customer
ATI - an Innovar Customer
ALCOA - an Innovar Customer
Owens - an Innovar Customer
Zimmer - an Innovar Customer
Kraft - an Innovar Customer
Arconic - an Innovar Customer
Whirlpool - an Innovar Customer
Caterpillar - an Innovar Customer
Werner  - an Innovar Customer
Yutaka - an Innovar Customer
Generac - an Innovar Customer
RL Best - an Innovar Customer
Benvenue  - an Innovar Customer
AK Steel - an Innovar Customer
Morse - an Innovar Customer
Atlas - an Innovar Customer
Scot Forge - an Innovar Customer

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