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Enforcer Smart Manufacturing


Make Your Automation Smarter

Process Control Automation
Enforcer Smart Manufacturing


Innovar offers 35 years of experience designing, building and integrating automation for the most sophisticated manufacturing processes. Our mechanical, electrical and software engineers have successfully completed thousands of projects in the aerospace, medical, automotive and electrical distribution equipment industries. Innovar's unmatched engineering team couples its strong controls knowledge with cutting edge data technologies to build seamlessly integrated smart systems that not only manufacture your product better but also back it up with the data to prove it.

Robotic Automation
Custom Engineering Design
Industrial Process Control

Employ robots to assist your process with tedious and dangerous tasks. Pair them with other equipment, people and software to create fully automated manufacturing to improve quality, throughput and productivity.

A blank piece of paper can be a scary thing. Innovar's engineering team can take an idea from concept to a fully operating system. Leverage our experience and talent from thousands of projects to make your ideas a reality.

Innovar's roots come from controls. Our world-class team of engineers and software programmers have developed sophisticated control and information systems for some of manufacturing's most complicated processes.

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