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Test Equipment

Innovar’s test equipment and control systems are used by some of the world’s most trusted brands of circuit breaker and tire manufacturers. Our highly sophisticated test equipment provides the last line of defense for defective products in production and lab environments. Product Engineers and Production personnel rely on information captured by Innovar test equipment to assure that they are manufacturing the safest, most respected products on the market.

Automated test equipment creates a repeatable and efficient environment for testing your products. Innovar offers modular test equipment that easily scales with your production demands and provides redundancy to ensure continued production.

Innovar provides handling equipment from simple conveyors to completely automated load-unload robotics with sorting. When coupled with the Enforcer® Smart Manufacturing system material handling becomes smarter and makes your process even more reliable.

Innovar Current Sources are the standard in the circuit breaker industry. Our Current Sources supply regulated current from 1 amp to 100,000 amps with incredible accuracy. They also provide a full set of traceability and diagnostic features that are unmatched by any other Current Source in the market.

Combining Innovar's test equipment with our Enforcer® Smart Manufacturing Software creates a traceable and flexible test system that includes all Industry 4.0 capabilities. The system provides the ability to instantly adapt to new products and changing production requirements. 

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