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Enforcer® Smart Manufacturing - Powerful Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Software

Organize, Control & Enforce every Detail of your Processes

Enforcer® Smart Manufacturing Software gives your process engineers all the tools to digitally transform your factory and realize the benefits of an organized, traceable and controlled process. You do not need a new Industry 4.0 software department because no programming is needed. Your experienced process engineers can use the configurable software to inject their valuable process knowledge into your new digitally enforced production process.

Through the software, you configure your process in the system with simple drag-and-drop tools. You define each manufacturing line, each operation on each line and the workstations where those operations are executed. Additionally, you define the flow of operations and the pass/fail criteria at each step of each process. Once the process is defined, the software takes control to enforce that each operation is successfully completed in the proper order.

Data with contextual information is collected, organized and recorded at each step of the process. This detailed data highlights process trends, identifies yield detractors and presents opportunities for continuous improvement. The information generated by your process is easily shared between equipment, presented to production personnel and analyzed by process engineers.

Software Features & Benefits


The flexibility provided by the drag-and-drop tools is an outstanding feature of the Enforcer® Smart Manufacturing Software. As process requirements evolve, the software can be quickly adjusted to incorporate the change. There is no need to pay for software modifications each time you improve your process. The system is built for change.


  • Define each Operation in the process, including input parameters and output data

  • Specify the required flow of Operations for the process

  • Build Recipes to customize the parameters and process flow for each product

  • Define Workstations to create an environment for easy equipment integration

  • Create Work Instructions to deliver critical process information to operators

  • Enforce the manufacturing process to Control Operational Workflow

  • Ensure all steps of the process are successfully completed in the proper order

  • Fully scalable, to control small work cells or multiple sites and everything in-between

  • The system serves as a working repository of process knowledge.


The visibility features of the software are also completely configurable. From electronic work instructions to production screens and management reports, all aspects of the visibility features can be easily created and improved as requirements evolve.

  • Electronic Work Instructions

Delivers specific details to operators when they need them

Minimizes training costs

Helps prevent human errors

Reduces the impact of employee turnover

Support for media including videos, pictures & native design files like AutoCAD

  • Real-time Production Dashboards help make decisions on the shop floor

  • Maintenance Screens highlight problems and schedule preventive tasks

  • Management Dashboards feature productivity, throughput & OEE metrics


Traceability means knowing with certainty how a product was built. To do this, the software accepts automated input directly from scanners and cameras to capture serial numbers, UIDs, lot numbers and sub-assembly components. When a sub-assembly is married to a product, the details are automatically linked and become part of the final product genealogy. The system links materials, parameters, results, packaging details and distribution information to create a complete traceable history of each unique product.

  • Provides a complete traceable history and genealogy of each product

  • Verifies that all quality standards are met while processing

  • Eliminates manually recording data to improve efficiency and data integrity

  • Minimizes recall expenses by providing easy access to production information

Simplified Data Access

The software can connect every person, workstation and piece of equipment in your process. Process data organization is at the core of the software. A standardized data format that matches the process makes it easy to locate, share and understand data from any perspective.

  • Process data can easily be shared between operations

  • Easily integrate equipment into the process with IoT Connectors

  • Quickly access the data with an easy-to-understand data tree

Process Improvement

The software features described above provide opportunities to improve productivity and quality. From visualization of real-time results to automated process adjustments and the enforcement of best practices, the possibilities are endless.

  • Real-time visibility of Manufacturing Successes and Process Problems

  • Adaptive control to improve yields and productivity through automated, real-time adjustments

  • Process data provides insight to hidden improvement opportunities

  • Enforces best practices to guarantee product quality

  • Provides a framework for quickly building an Industry 4.0 environment

Enforcer® Smart Manufacturing Software was designed with flexibility and quality in mind. Our focus is to provide a tool set that empowers manufacturers to take control of digitizing their process without depending on a supplier for continuous support. Our mission is to make the process data easily accessible to eliminate the pain and costs of data integration. The result is a progressive manufacturing and information tool to help companies control, document and continuously improve their process.

Company Info:

Enforcer® Smart Manufacturing Software was developed by Innovar Systems Limited. Innovar and its experienced employees have been providing control systems, automated test equipment and process information systems for medical, automotive and industrial customers for decades. ATI, Siemens, Eaton, Schneider, Zimmer-Biomet and Goodyear are just a few examples of customers served.

Want to learn more? Contact Innovar today and revolutionize your process.

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