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Production Line Performance Screens

Custom screens identify real-time trends of important process attributes; keeping operators & production supervisors informed. 

Engineering Analysis Screens

When processes are modified, create screens to compare previous process results with real-time results.

Management Dashboards

Custom dashboards can be created to highlight key performance data, providing an efficient snapshot of operations for management.

Maintenance Visibility Screens

Predict and schedule maintenance activities based on equipment usage

Profit Improvement Opportunities

Real-Time Feedback

Provides live performance data to immediately evaluate process changes.

Evaluate Employee Performance

Identify specific training needs for individual employees.

Production Trend Awareness

Identify new negative trends before they become big yield detractors.

Evaluate New Component Performance

After engineering adjustments or supplier changes, evaluate new product performance versus historical results;  quickly identifying benefits or issues.

Maintenance Reminders

Identify upcoming maintenance activities to avoid downtime.

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