verification solutions


  • Verification and Validation of Barcodes
  • Verification and Validation of Human Readable Information
  • Verification of Dimensions
  • Verification of Proper Production Processing
  • Inline Integration for 100% Production Verification
  • Verification Results in a Database Record
According to the dictionary, verify means to make sure or demonstrate that something is true, accurate, or justified. Verification, as applied to the manufacturing, has the same meaning. If the world were perfect, every item produced would be doubled checked for form, fit, and function. Obviously there are instances where the costs of doing this versus the negative implications cause manufacturers to choose not to implement this level of quality control. There are instances where the negative implications force the manufacturer to incorporate this level of inspection, and in either case there are definite benefits to performing 100% verification. Machine vision and imaging technology have advanced to a level now where the cost of verification is becoming easier to justify, even for relatively low cost products. When combined with the growing requirements that customers place on manufacturers to guarantee product ID's can be read and that part quality is six sigma levels, verification is becoming more commonplace.
Innovar Systems believes strongly that a systems approach to verification is the best approach. Our years of experience and our standing as a Microscan Integrator Alliance partner make Innovar a smart choice for verification implementation. By integrating verification into a process, we provide manufacturers with the confidence that their product will meet their customers' expectations. When tied to Innovar's ENFORCER®TTC system, not only does the manufacturer have the confidence level but the electronic records to back it up.