testing solutions


  • Extensive engineering experience
  • Testing solutions based on proven and reliable ENFORCER®TTC Series design
  • Production line visibility tools provide real-time feedback to engineers and operators
  • Provide complete traceability of each product throughout the production process
  • Provide a variety of system designs to meet all types of production rates
  • Modular designs to make your production rates scalable
Innovar specializes in custom designed production testing solutions. Innovar's electrical, mechanical design engineers, and software programmers have 30 plus years of experience in their respective disciplines. This experience produces robust tester designs that reliably perform for years with only standard maintenance.
Innovar has invested in designing standard software tools that are configurable for different types of product testing. This minimizes the engineering cost since complete custom software packages are not being developed for each tester. It also improves reliability since tested and proven software is used as the baseline for new projects. Innovar provides several features/products that make real-time production results visible to line engineers and operators. This feedback provides the ability to react swiftly to unexpected variations in the production process.
All of Innovar's testers include traceability features to track each unique product throughout the entire production process. The ENFORCER®TTC Total Traceability Controller includes a color touch panel HMI providing the ability to Define, Operate and Control the Production Process at the tester without programming. It also includes the ability to Collect, Organize, View, Use and Store Product Data, Production Process Data and Test Results in Real-time.
The ENFORCER®TTC Total Traceability Controller provides:
  • Operational Control & Visibility
    • Operator HMI Controls & Displays
    • Active Process Data & Results Visibility
  • Recipe Management
    • Product Routing & Model Parameters Local Database
      • Create Models
      • View & Edit Model Parameters
      • Save As for Copying to New Models
      • Delete Model
      • Select Active Model
      • R/W Security at the Model & Parameter Level
  • Traceability
    • Product/Process Data & Test Results Local Database
      • Use Data & Results in Real-time to Control the Equipment, the Process and the Process Flow
      • Select & View Recent Data & Results
    • Display Data & Results on Production Dashboards
    • Store Data & Results to Production Databases
  • System Functions
    • System Event & Alarm Monitoring
      • View Active Events & Alarms
      • View Event & Alarm History
    • System Maintenance & Diagnostic Functions
      • Equipment Manual Operation Buttons
      • Equipment I/O Diagnostics
        • Digital Input & Output Monitoring
        • Analog Input & Output Monitoring
        • Digital & Analog Output Manual Forcing
      • Automated Calibration Functions
      • Diagnostic Functions for Smart Peripheral Devices
        • Scanners, Printers, Lasers, etc...
    • System Security Functions
      • Role/User based security for controlling & auditing system usage & changes
    • System Configuration Functions
      • HMI Configuration
      • Equipment Configuration
      • Line Configuration
  • Optional User Definable Workflow (No Programming Required)
    • User Definable Inputs - Keyboard, Scanner, Pick lists
    • User Definable Workflow with SOP Instructions
    • User Definable Read & Write to External Data Sources
      • CSV, Excel, Access, SQL Server
The ENFORCER®TTC Total Traceability Controller also includes a wide range of features to ensure complete traceability of your products and production processes including:
  • Production & Test Process Routers
  • Product & Process Tracking
  • Collect, Organize, View, Use & Store Product Data Production Process Data & Test Results in Real-time
  • Control Production & Test Processes based on Results
    • Skip Previously Done/Passed Portions of the Process
    • Automatically Adjust the Process to Improve Yield & Efficiency based on Statistical Trends in Results
  • Ensure that all Steps of the Process are Completed in the Proper Order and are Done/Passed before Shipping
  • Single Model "Batch" Production
  • Mixed Model "Single Piece Flow" Production
Additionally, the ENFORCER®TTC Total Traceability Controller includes several features to ensure data integrity:
  • Master/Slave Architecture to Synchronize Data and Coordinate Activity on a Production Line
  • Any Controller on the line can be Designated as the "Master"
  • Continuous Real-time Replication of all Model Parameters to all the Slave's Local Databases
  • Continuous Real-time Replication of all Data & Results to all Slaves Local Databases
  • In the case of a failed "Master", simply re-assign one of the Slaves to be the new "Master"
  • Since all of the Controllers have their own copy of all the data they all can Run Independently
The whole Innovar tester environment is loaded with features to aid in your production testing from our very smallest bench top testers to fully automated palletized testers.
All of our testers talk upstream to production databases and have MES utilities to insure your product is built and tested correctly according to your exacting specifications.