DPM marking solutions


  • Product Identification
  • Lot Codes
  • GS1 and HIBCC Marking
  • Carton Marking and Labeling
Marking is a term that has many different meanings in manufacturing. It can mean direct part marking (DPM) with lasers, inkjet or dot peen technology, or it could mean product labeling with print and apply technology. Regardless of the technology, it is a requirement in nearly all production environments that some form of marking is used to provide a means for all levels of production and distribution to know what product they have.
Innovar Systems is an experienced integrator of all of these technologies and their use in automation. Our integrations typically include not only the application of the mark, but also the recording of the event for use in order fulfillment and other MES related activities. We specialize in traceability solutions that from the base level product to shipping cartons and distribution. Innovar's ENFORCER®TTC system is a tool many of our customers rely on for providing this information in real time from the production floor. Contact Innovar to discuss your marking integration needs.