manufacturing solutions


  • Extensive mechanical, electrical, and software engineering experience
  • Manufacturing solutions based on proven and reliable State of the Art designs
  • Innovative software tools provide real-time feedback to engineers and operators
  • One-stop shopping for a complete single source manufacturing solution
  • Engineering experience over a broad range of industries
  • The "Best In Class" in a variety of vertical markets
Innovar Systems specializes in custom designed manufacturing systems and production lines. Our mechanical, electrical, and software design engineers have 30 plus years experience in equipment design, controls, and software providing customers with one place to go for the complete design team. We have simple solutions like laser marking products to fully automated palletized circuit breaker testing equipment to more complex automated laser welding stations with dozens of solutions in between. Our engineers have worked in a wide range of industries and can use that knowledge base to customize an exact solution to your manufacturing requirements.
There is no reason to go one place for equipment design, somewhere else for automation controls and a third place for software. Innovar can conceptualize, mechanically design, electrically design, build, write software, test, install, commission and support your complete production line or tester manufacturing requirements.
Brainstorm with our engineering team and get customized production equipment or a manufacturing solution from people with the knowledge, expertise, and sense of urgency required to compete in today's markets.