about us

  • Mechanical, electrical, electronic,& control software engineers
  • Information systems analysts and programmers
  • Laser process development lab
  • In-house machine shop
  • In-house assembly shop
  • Systems test area for complete production line set-up and customer acceptance
  • Field installation & start-up services
  • 30 plus years of experience
  • Thousands of successful solutions provided to fortune 500 companies worldwide
The Innovar engineering team understands every aspect of production and manufacturing. During the last 30 years we have been involved in the development of dozens of industries and processes understanding not only the specific process knowledge, but also the historical evolution of the actual process development over 3 decades.
For example, one of our vertical markets is circuit breaker testers. Innovar engineers were involved in the development of the first servo regulated current source that changed industry testing from "Frankenstein Switches" to modern electronic based magnetic and thermal testing. We were there for every step of the way.
We also applied gas mass flow metering and high speed adaptive servo algorithm technology to the melting of exotic metals for our Aerospace customers that resulted in better metallurgical product quality. Those process improvements are now used by a large number of exotic metals manufacturers.
For years, the Youngstown/Warren/Salem area has been hub of equipment manufacturers for a diverse group of industries. Innovar engineers have worked with most of these companies expanding our equipment knowledge from building nuclear fuel rods to circuit breaker testing to metal processing to pharmaceuticals just to mention a few.
All of our sales, estimating and design team personnel have either engineering or computer science backgrounds. When you sit down with Innovar, you sit down with people who understand specific industries, processes and equipment from different angles and engineers and software people who have the time-proven ability to deliver the solution you need.
Innovar's mechanical engineers use SolidWorks® for machine design, concept rendering and equipment 3D modeling and simulation, so you can see your equipment in 3D at proposal time. Our in-house machine shop flys-by-wire using GibbsCAM® numerical control software to tie our equipment designer's CAD system directly to our CNC machining centers.
Innovar does our own printed circuit board design, machining, assembly, and panel building in-house at one location. Our production and engineering people can setup up your complete production line or equipment to perform a full-blown integrated system test using your actual products and raw materials.
If lasers are part of your production requirements, Innovar designed and manufactured its own laser work station combined with a built-in database and tracking software. Since Innovar's capabilities include equipment design we can integrate the laser work station into any automated line to provide safe loading, unloading, part tracking, and lasing.
Innovar design engineers are also our field service engineers. The team that conceptualized and designed your equipment will also be the team that commissions and services the equipment. Those engineers and software programmers know your machine like it was their own, because it is.
Innovar has a large knowledge base and thousands of pieces of equipment and control systems with integrated recipes, data collection, and adaptive control algorithms for some of the biggest names in industry.
Tell us about your requirements and Innovar will tell you about a "Best in Class" solution, after all, "Innovation" is part of our name.