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Automated Assembly Solutions

Automated Assembly, Manufacturing & Laboratory Systems

Innovar Systems Ltd.
P.O. Box 486
North Jackson, OH 44451
Phone : 330 538-3942
Fax : 330 538-2270
Have you ever been chained to a project? Apply an Innovar automation system and free yourself with turn-key systems that work without the optional air mattress.

Innovar designs and builds its systems utilizing Mechatronics which is a combination of mechanical actuators, electronic sensors and controls. The result is an adaptable system that can accommodate quick changes and incorporate quality checks into one system.

The people of Innovar are the key. We have over 15 years experience building automated fixturing, material handling and assembly systems. Our staff of over 25 engineers and our resources include:
  • Mechanical Engineers

  • Software Engineers

  • Controls Engineers

  • Electrical Engineers
  • Precision Machine Shop
  • Complete System Setup

Innovar systems provides turn-key solutions for manufacturing and laboratory automation. We also provide consultation, CAD engineering, assembly, installation, start up, training and support. Shackles are not included. Innovar Systems is your single source for automated assembly solutions.  

Innovar has solutions for small to medium size part assembly and test. We often incorporate the quality checks and laser part marking into the same system for maximum functionality in one piece of equipment. In addition, Innovar includes the test results database, reports and control charts that can be accessed at the work cell, your desk or around the world.